“ThisCONNECTION:Sharing a Future Public Space", the similar pronunciation to and a pun on “disCONNECTION", has been put forward as the production of and reflection on the discontinuous urban space in Shanghai.

We will exhibit worldwide outstanding cases of waterfront area and public area regeneration to discuss the future of waterfront areas in Shanghai. The reconstruction of Minsheng Port, the main exhibition venue of "SUSAS 2017" and also a part of Shanghai waterfront areas, will serve as a specific case to present how to connect and reform the previously discontinuous urban space and will provide an open platform with the aim of authentically enhancing the potential value of the open space along the Huangpu River's riverside and connecting more similar discontinuous public space in the future.

Main exhibition is scheduled to be inaugurated on October 15, 2017 and will last 3 months. The main exhibition venue will be at the silo of 80,000 tons along with the surrounding indoor and outdoor space, Minsheng Port, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. In addition to main exhibition, 8 site projects, 6 joint exhibitions and other theme-related civil cultural activities will also be held during this period. 8 site projects, located at Pudong New Area, Xuhui, Jing'an, Changning District, etc., will organize diversified and excellent case exhibitions, theme forums and public interactive activities on the topic of urban public space reconstruction projects at communities, historic and cultural areas and waterfront areas.6 joint exhibitions will unite some theme-related public art exhibitions, such as "2017 the Bund Art Project: Cross Love”. Civil cultural activities, structured around the theme of "SUSAS 2017", will hold a series of cultural activities with extensive participation of citizens.

Site projects, focusing on the public space that is closely related to public life, will demonstrate artistic reconstruction plans and implementation effect of urban space based on actual construction and development, and through exhibitions and civil cultural activities to attract more citizens to focus on the development and change of urban space and to help enhance the vitality and quality of urban space. Different from ordinary exhibitions, "SUSAS" is not only an exhibition that lasts about several months, but also an exhibition rooted in the city with profound influence on civil life. It will grow with the city and finally become a part of the city.

On the one-year anniversary of “SUSAS 2015", we paid a return visit to and interviewed the managers and curators of site projects of “SUSAS 2015". They preferred to consider "SUSAS" as a resource integration platform, through which the city's administrators and users, curators, artists, and even enterprises can gather together to integrate resources and exert social values respectively. And they considered the site projects as an effective way to unveil the context and history of urban public space, understand the public's actual demand, combine urban design and city life tightly, and benefit ordinary citizens considerably.