Encounter Guizhou Road

Huangpu District


Subdistrict office of East Nanjing Road, Bailian Group Fashion Centre, Xin Guang Film Art Center, Gold Bund Group, Shanghai Grand Cinema Group, Shanghai Business & Tourism School


Urban Network Office (织城网络)

Curatorial Team

Urban Network Office (织城网络)


29 September 2019 – 19 January 2020


URBANCROSS (109 Guizhou Road) with the neighborhood of Guizhou Road


Guizhou Road, starting at East Nanjing Road and stretching itself northward until Suzhou Creek, involves three urban neighborhoods: Yunzhong, Niuzhuang and Guizhou. The historical neighborhood sits at the center of Shanghai. It has an endless repertoire of daily happenings and historic legends. In the project, the Road will connect images, documents, videos and researches that tell how the streets and blocks have experienced in the last seventy years.