Blooming Shanghai - Community Garden Plan 2040

Yangpu District


Clover Nature School

Curatorial Team

Clover Nature School


End of October 2019 – End of November 2019


KIC Farm, Yangpu District


Under the theme “We Garden, Our Home – Shanghai Community Gardens, a Participatory Micro-governance Site Project”, the event organized by Clover Nature School involves more than sixty community gardens and over five hundred mini gardens that it supports. The gardens creates a distributed network of botanical spaces, with Yangpu KIC Farm, Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Weifang Park (Pudong) and Meiyuan Park (Xuhui) and more open to visitors, and inspires citizens to improve the yet-to-utilize spaces around their homes. Besides visiting the sites, open days and participatory workshops will be held to motivate efforts and communication among communities.