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Esther Stocker

The principal idea originating in the work is the experience of the viewer to enter a square geometric universe when crossing the structure of the arcade.

Prevailing to all, is the theme of the square. The square is a geometric basic form but also a world symbol. In ancient China, the earth, the whole cosmos was considered quadratic. The square is a powerful but also calm form, because its lenghts are all equal, it is a logical form that is resting in itself.

It associates with earthly existence, power and calmness. One could say it symbolizes reality. It also refers to the ground plan of the existing columns which are in square form.

Essential to the artistic use of the square is the fact that this geometric form is able to bring calmness and mystery at the same time in a free floating organization of forms. The work is less understood as a closed form, but rather an open process and the ability of progress.

Black squares in different dimensions are composed to create complexity and order. The tension and relation between the existing structure of the arcade and the floating squares represent shifts and encounter between the known and the unknown. It could be read as a sign for accepting mystery inside reality.

Visitors submerge and participate in the artwork experiencing the aesthetic sensibility and spatial relation. Moving through the installation requires a change of perspective. Psychologically, it means gaining a different perspective on reality, on life.

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