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The artwork ‘Mountains’ consists of elements sourced from portrait sculptures of ancient philosophers. The artist skillfully enlarged part of the beards of the sculptures and present them reversed in the space. The missing part of the works stimulates the endless imagination of the viewers on what they exactly could be. From a remote distance, the reversed philosophers’ heads sculptures evoke Chinese stones, as if natural landscapes had been moved into an indoor space. However, after observing the works in detail, viewers can realize their original nature. Common experiences and inherent cognition is broken by this artwork through visual contradiction. The artist creates new experiences while challenging viewers’ cognitive habits.

City is the abstract combination of people’s experiences and cognition. There is a reciprocal influence between the city and the people living in it, as they grow together. People’s cognition is constantly influenced by the city, generating new aspects. With ‘Mountains’ in Shanghai - a multicultural metropolis - viewers will be triggered to think about self-awareness and consider the relationship between the self and the city.