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Ash Bucket: The Representation of Ash Bucket - Maze of Steel and Maze of Ash

Maze of Steel: the abandoned steel board is chosen as material for the lateral wall of the maze, entitling yellow and grey to the former industrial bucket. The curved steel boards articulate different paths for women and men to explore the inner space. Going through the path, people encounter the past and the present of the bucket as well as meet and depart from each other.

Maze of Ash: the path corresponds to the one in the maze of steel downstairs. The upper part of the maze is pervaded with illusionistic sights with the artificial fog and the various lights, just like the foggy and muggy atmosphere in the industrial era. The lateral walls that define the paths of the maze transform themselves from physical steel boards to laser light that comes out from the water sprays, flowing and changing with the vibrant air.

In the two mazes of the ash bucket, the void encounters the physical, the past encounters the future while people meets and departs from each other. It tells a story when physical order encounters a spiritual one.