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Ash Bucket: Shape/Color Encounter

The work is inspired by the color and shape of the main image of “Encounter”. Through 12 different polyhedron art installations of different shapes such as square, circle, triangle and ellipse, they are interpreted by different materials such as mirror, stone, wood and metal.

Each polyhedron installation has different heights and forms different matrix layouts. Like the "art that can grow", it grows, extends, and freezes from the ground, meaning the symbiosis and common vision of the riverside horizon and the artistic realm.

By specular reflection, or artistic projection, or the infinite blend of "shape and color", the gray warehouse space is waiting for every visitor. They come here to understand the art of riverside, the imagine space in the permanent renewal of the city, and realize the multiple acquaintances and encounters between "people and oneself, people and people, people and space, people and art, people and the future" in the process of exhibition.