SUSAS College is an educational brand to which Shanghai Urban Space Art Season devotes significant efforts and assistance. During the art season, SUSAS College will bring resources of various parties together, and plans to launch a series of lectures/events, establish a public participatory platform for exhibition and education. On the one hand, it is a forum for professionals; and on the other hand, it intends to influence citizens, inspire them to learn more about the city, its buildings, public spaces and public art, encourage them to join the process of knowing, planning and renovating the city, and finally, to facilitate their sense of belonging and appreciation of all those working and living in Shanghai.

SUSAS College is not a conventional physical educational institution, but an open resource library about cities, public spaces and public art, and an interactive, collaborative community, a platform. Thus, a project or event needs to be about cities, public spaces and public art to be involved in SUSAS College. It can be a continuous, systematic program, or a single-time lecture, forum or project. Events of SUSAS College are most intensive during the art season, while other schedules are also acceptable.

Each activity of SUSAS College may contain a set of features, and we will categorize the activities into different sections, so that through media outlets of SUSAS, the citizens may easily find the activities they are interested in.