[SUSAS Open Call] Winners of the Open Call for Main Exhibition Public Artworks Announced !

September 28, 2019

In addition to implanting art into industrial heritage, the best feature of SUSAS 2019 is the site of main exhibition, a public space along the southern part of Huangpu River in Yangpu District (5.5km), where Fram Kitagawa, the artistic director, invites a number of renowned domestic and international artists to create large-scale public artworks specific to and permanently installed on the riverside. As urban cultural landscapes, they are witness to how contemporary art coexists and merges with daily life of citizens.

As a participatory element of SUSAS 2019, a global open call was initiated for public artworks to fill five spots in the site. By 31 August, we received 278 proposals from 16 countries, including 74 proposals for spot one, 51 for spot two, 45 for spot three, 54 for spot four and another 54 for spot five. In the preliminary screening, Mr. Kitagawa short-listed 3 proposals for each spot which would be presented to a meeting of the academic committee in the afternoon of 27 September. Winners are the proposals with most votes. The meeting was attended by Zheng Shiling, Ding Yi, Yu Sijia, Zhao Baojing, Fang Xiaofeng, Guan Huaibin, Li Xiangning, Lou Yongqi, Ma Xingwen, Qin Chang, Wu Haiying, Zhang Yuxing and Zhu Guorong.

Locations will be selected later for execution. Thanks for the participating and supporting artists !

Spot One: Shipyard Fabrication Dock

Winner Eyeball
Created by Zhong Jie

Short list
Sailing to the Future
Created by
Israel Handany

Spot Two: Water Plant Trestle Bridge

Winner City Through Tube
Created by Zhang Shuojiong

Short list
I, Yangpu Riverside
Beautiful New World
Created by
Fang Xin

Spot Three: Ecological Hills

Winner Recycler of Smoldering
Created by Li Kewen

Short list
Natural Smile
Created by
Huang Zhaohua
Liu Yi

Spot Four: Soap Company Dock

Winner Laputan Ecstasy
Created by Xu Guang

Short list
Hole, Window
Created by
Lu Yuanliang

Spot Five: Gas Plant Waterfront Lawn

Winner Runner
Created by ALAN ZHANG

Short list
Mini Time Corridor
Created by
Bo Xin
Liu Yifan