LIGHTENING the living future

Jing'an District


VIASCAPE design, Zero Degree Play Ground


VIASCAPE design, Zero Degree Play Ground, OUI


Sun Yijia, Tang Yu, Wu Duan


20 October 2019 – 30 November 2019


OUI Exhibition Center (Building 10, 40 Wenshui Road, Jing’an District)


The interactive show, with the theme “Senses of Future”, offers “light-themed” artworks and designs created or revised specifically for the event to demonstrate how light (artificial light, natural light, laser) affects human senses via creatively crafted interactions and hence the pluralistic possibilities of how light may remodel and optimize experiences in urban spaces. The curatorial team brings architects, landscapers, artists, professional curators of scholarly events and researchers of creative design together and develop an integrated expression of light, city, built environment and art. The event is intended to be artful, professional and accessible to the public.