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Yoshiyuki Kawazoe

Architect, Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo. His design of "Henn na Hotel" in Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch was recorded in the Guinness World Record. He designed the new library of the University of Tokyo 100 years after construction, completed the "University of Tokyo Library Complex" in 2017. His fields involved are not limited to design, he also published "Looking for Consciousness Hidden in Space" (Gentosha Inc.), "Life in this City" (SHOKOKUSHA Publishing Co.,Ltd.) and other books. He works as a first-class architect in kousou Inc. and the president of Japan Dutch Culture Association. Kawazoe is not limited to the creation of building, but also has set up a research room sub-division in the Canadian fishing village of Wakayama Prefecture. His various efforts made in the regional revitalization have also attracted social attention.

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