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Keisuke Takahashi

Video artist, Keisuke Takahashi has created many visual installations in various space such as museum, gallery, theatre and public space. and he also has created performance pieces and intend to pursue the relationship between body and image. He held the solo exhibition the gallery in Milan, Italy and Taipei, Taiwan, and in Japan, SENDAI Mediatheque, BankArt1929, Ohara Museum and others, and also jointed to the international exhibition such as SHANGHAI Biennial, ECHIGO-TSUMARI Triennial, SETOUCHI Art Triennale and others. His works have been presented in arts festivals throughout Japan and the world. He received the Committee Recommendation Award from Japan Media Arts Festival in 2005. He also has created many performance works as the visual director for the dance company named ""Nibroll"".

Keisuke Takahashi always think about the relationship between the body, image, and the space. He creates works by the theme of a body, re-considering the society through the filter of the body. His purpose is to re-consider the existence of an individual as what comes from a difference caused by spaces, and place the theme in a trial to develop it into communication among human beings. An individual exists in both public and private places. Keisuke Takahashi think about how personal existence is connected to the community to consider a relationship of a body and the space.