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Ash Bucket: A World

Hundreds and thousands of bodies go across some screens. Eventually, those countless bodies turn into the shape of a world map. We lose our direction and our ways and wander around. Discord, friction and conflicts. The work describes the present form of discommunication and a hope about our values inconsistent and countless but possibly connected with one another.

This work is made of walking silhouettes of various people. I took them around the world. Americans are forming Americas, Europeans as Europe, Asia as Asia, people in their respective countries form one world. People's walking seems to be different depending on the environment, location, race or perhaps religion.

Every little things gather and form one world. Each person's way of walking is uneven, but when you look at the whole, they all seem to be in a big stream. Perhaps we may be walking towards one direction someone has decided in advance. Eventually, they make one big world. We are one, at the same time countless, each one is contradictory, yet we are trying to maintain mutual relations.

The world in front of our eyes is an age where people with diverse cultures and diverse values live together in diverse directions. But the world is both simple and complex. "Symbiosis" includes not only the meaning of harmony and fusion, but also the meaning of compromise, conflict, contradiction, and complex. The new world will be on the other side.