Joint exhibitions, as an integral component of SUSAS, are public art exhibitions and open cultural events related to space, art or urban renewal which are independently organized by various parties but invited to be held during the period of SUSAS and hence call for beauty in cities together. On 20 June 2019, Shanghai Design & Promotion Center for Urban Public Spaces announced an open call for joint exhibitions on the official website of SUSAS.

The contributors are required to

echo the guiding idea of SUSAS, “Culture Enriches City, Art Enlightens City”, focus on urban public space and public art, reflect cultural significance and participatory nature; embody developments or spaces in Shanghai as exhibition, show or public activity; be original in theme and content, free from copyright issues; self-fund the projects. About 20 urban renewal or public art projects sent their applications by 10 July and after negotiation, visits and analysis, 13 of them are confirmed to be eligible as shows, exhibitions or activities embodied by developments or spaces in Shanghai.

Joint Exhibitions

offer exhibitions, stories and activities;
are innovative, conceptual, technological and topical;
are devoted to urban planning, built environment, design and public art;
echo the guiding idea of SUSAS, “Culture Enriches City, Art Enlightens City”;
focus on issues of urban public space and public art, featuring cultural significance and participatory nature.