With thriving shipbuilding, commerce and industry, the southern section of Yangpu Waterfront, a strip of 5.5km along Huangpu River, made considerable contributions to the modernization of Shanghai. Now, as the historical area is redeveloping itself through transformation, we decide to hold Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2019 (SUSAS 2019) and bestow it the theme of “Encounter”, the meeting of past and present, China and World.

SUSAS 2019 invites artists, architects, urban planners from all over the world to Huangpu River, to Yangpu Waterfront and its embodied memories of an industrial industry, to join hands with local citizens and create a space for wandering and having great time.

The event presents an exhibition include a constellation of installations, images and music express the idea of “Memory of Shipyard” and “Encounter Water” in the Shanghai Shipyard Dock and at the first floor of Maoma Warehouse ; a set of contemporary artworks “16 Scenes in Shanghai” (named after the city’s 16 districts) at the second floor that show how moments of Shanghai, gone or ongoing, are perceived and understood by Chinese artists; and on the third and fourth floor, a Tale of Three Cities – Shanghai, Venice and Sydney – is going to tell the stories that happened and will happen by water, the changes these stories bring to human life and urban space. Moreover, as the result of an open call and on-site work, 21 permanent art pieces which will be created by renowned artists of 10 nationalities during or after SUSAS 2019 and installed along the 5.5km of Yangpu Waterfront. And all kinds of workshops and seminars will be held during SUSAS 2019.



No.468 Yangshupu Road(Shipyard、Maoma Warehouse)


September 29 - November 30, 2019
Tuesday to Friday: 14:00-20:00

Maoma Warehouse4F